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Tips for Managing Your Kitchen Inventory

Maintaining an accurate kitchen inventory is crucial to the success of a commercial kitchen. It’s important that you know what items you have, the quantities of consumables and the condition of your appliances and utensils. Having this information stored and checked upon on a regular basis can save you from running out of stock. Here, we offer some tips on how to manage your kitchen inventory to help keep the process simple and effective. Be organised To ensure that your regular …
28th Oct 2020 Debbie

How to Promote Your Restaurant to Local Customers

The marketing of your restaurant is as important as the food you serve and décor you set out. All of it works in collaboration to create an experience. Here we outline some top tips to promote your restaurants to local customers to help you gain a loyal following. Update Your Website Having a user-friendly website with current pictures and menus makes it easier for local customers to see what you have on offer. In the digital world, your website is the heart and soul of your restaurant& …
28th Oct 2020 Debbie

Why You Should Wear Appropriate Kitchen Footwear

Foot support is essential when you are working in a commercial kitchen. You are most likely standing on your feet for long hours and moving quickly around small areas that are prone to spills. Having correct footwear that is comfortable, sturdy and non-slip can not only save you aches and pains, but also increase your safety and help reduce accidents.  We have compiled some key reasons as to why you should always wear appropriate kitchen footwear, and the benefits of doing so.  Avoid …
23rd Sep 2020 Debbie

Why Chef Uniforms Are Important

Appearances count and this is especially true in any restaurant or establishment that handles food or has the responsibility of catering for other people. Chef uniforms help to convey a message of professionalism and pride, which shows your customers that you take your work seriously and are ready to provide them with high-quality and delicious food. Gaining the trust and respect of customers is crucial to building loyalty. And by presenting your staff well, you are showing diners that you ca …
21st Sep 2020 Debbie

Setting Up Your Restaurant for Food Delivery Services

To stay ahead in the hospitality industry during these difficult times, many restaurants who have closed their doors are now using delivery services to feed their loyal customers. To help your restaurant get on board with the trend, here are some tips to follow. Upgrade Your POS System If you want to deliver food, you need a POS system that can handle this service. Upgrading your POS system to one that includes delivery options, ordering online, customer information and operation cont …
19th Aug 2020 Debbie

How to Achieve a Good Restaurant Menu Design

Your menu should be a representation of your restaurant’s personality and the experience you are trying to give diners. From the physical feel of the menu to the graphics, text font and pricing, these elements should all be in line with how you want to convey your restaurant to potential and returning customers. While there is no magic formula that constitutes a successful menu, as certain deigns work well for some establishments and others do not, it is vital that you find your theme and …
3rd Aug 2020 Debbie

Cleaning the Different Surfaces in Your Café or Restaurant

The importance of having a clean and sanitised café or restaurant is paramount, and this is true now more than ever. As the hospitality world has slowed down due the current pandemic, majority of cafés and restaurants have shut their doors, but some are still providing take-away options. While you may be finding new ways to feed your hungry regular patrons, now is also the ideal time to give your café or restaurant a deep and thorough clean. Here, we discuss how you can tackle every surface with …
30th Jul 2020 Debbie

Overhead Grants for NSW Cafés and Restaurants

In April the NSW government announced that cafés, restaurants and a selection of other small businesses will be eligible for $10,000 cash grants to cover overheads and bills during the COVID-19 crisis. The Berejiklian government has put $750 million into its Small Business Support Fund – its third round of stimulus measures – to help keep small businesses afloat during these trying times. How Does the Grant Work? Similar to the fund set up during the recent NSW bushfires, the scheme is d …
30th Jul 2020 Debbie

Checklist for a Comprehensive Commercial Kitchen

If you are opening a new restaurant or café, without a doubt one of the biggest investments will be the kitchen. Commercial kitchens are a place of creativity, skill and passion, but they also need to be regularly cleaned, safe for staff to be in, and have top-quality appliances to ensure you can give your very best to every dish. To make your life simpler we have compiled a checklist with some of the essential items needed for a comprehensive commercial kitchen. Cooking Equipment As the …
30th Jul 2020 Debbie

​Chef’s Knives and Their Role in the Kitchen

Having a good set of knives is essential, no matter if you are an executive chef at a Michelin star restaurant, an amateur home cook or somewhere in between. From slicing and dicing to chopping and julienning, having the right tool for the job can take your skills to a whole other level. Our online store stocks an extensive range of knives that are perfect for the catering and hospitality industries, as well as domestic use. Purchasing decent quality knives can be a bit of an investment s …
10th May 2019 Mark