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How to Promote Your Restaurant to Local Customers

The marketing of your restaurant is as important as the food you serve and décor you set out. All of it works in collaboration to create an experience. Here we outline some top tips to promote your restaurants to local customers to help you gain a loyal following.

Update Your Website

Having a user-friendly website with current pictures and menus makes it easier for local customers to see what you have on offer. In the digital world, your website is the heart and soul of your restaurant’s brand, and as more and more customers move towards ordering food online, the site needs to be easy to navigate and eye-catching.

Update Your Menu

When customers scroll your menu online or even when dining out, they expect everything they see to be available. If this is not the case, then your menu needs to be updated accordingly. Nothing is more off-putting for a hungry patron than choosing a meal and being told they cannot have it. Keeping the menu fresh with new dishes is also a great way to generate interest.

Create A Customer Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty programs help create loyal customers. You can reward your frequent patrons with a free bottle of wine, or starter by having them collecting points each time they dine in, takeaway or order your food online. There are many programs you can create, so establish one that suits your clientele and your restaurant’s brand.

Have A Social Media Presence

As well as your website, your restaurant’s social media accounts are one of the first places your patrons will check to see what you have on offer. Keep them in the know with fun posts about events or aesthetically pleasing pictures of meals. You can also post about new food items, positive reviews and specials. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the best platforms for this, and also allow you to interact with your customers.

Partner with Delivery Services

The restaurant experience is changing, so change with it! Partner with delivery services to ensure that local customers can still taste your great food without having to leave their house. If you don’t wish to partner with another company, then consider providing your own delivery services to feed your patrons.

Set Your Restaurant Up for Success

Help your local customers become loyal customers and set your restaurant up for success by following the above tips and getting the supplies you require from Catering Equipment Warehouse. Explore our large selection of kitchen equipment, restaurant furniture and more. 

28th Oct 2020 Debbie

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