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Setting Up Your Restaurant for Food Delivery Services

To stay ahead in the hospitality industry during these difficult times, many restaurants who have closed their doors are now using delivery services to feed their loyal customers. To help your restaurant get on board with the trend, here are some tips to follow.

  1. Upgrade Your POS System

If you want to deliver food, you need a POS system that can handle this service. Upgrading your POS system to one that includes delivery options, ordering online, customer information and operation control will save you time and hassle as you expand your services. Find a POS system that suits your particular business and is tailored to your needs.

  1. Know Your Kitchen Line

If you are suddenly going from dine-in services to just food delivery, there will be changes to your usual schedule and volume of traffic. Not all commercial kitchen line staff are trained to cater for delivery services, so plan accordingly. Your staff need to be properly trained to keep workflow streamlined and productive at late notice, due to the nature of online delivery and how simple it is for customers to order online at any time.

  1. Choose Your Delivery Service

There are many ways you can get your food to your customers. Whether you want to hire a delivery driver, ask existing staff to modify their roles or outsource with food delivery services – such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo or Menulog – there's plenty of avenues to take. Decide on which service best suits your restaurant’s capabilities, your customer’s needs and whether you want to introduce a third party into the mix and pay for the convenience or keep everything in-house to save costs and retain access to valuable customer data.

  1. Invest in Branded Packaging

Customers choose your restaurant for a reason. Whether they have had your food before, it has been recommended to them either by people in their life or strangers on review sites, or you are the most convenient, there are many factors that come into play. So, don’t waste the opportunity to gain the trust and tastebuds of new customers or keep returning diners coming back, invest in branded packaging. Having a visual of your restaurant evokes emotion and helps customers remember your business without the stimulus of entering your store.

Prepare Your Restaurant for Success

The hospitality industry may be locked down in some states, but the love of good food never will be. At Catering Equipment Warehouse we are here to help you keep your restaurant stocked and working to its full potential so you can start on your food delivery service journey. Shop our range today.

19th Aug 2020 Debbie

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