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How to Achieve a Good Restaurant Menu Design

Your menu should be a representation of your restaurant’s personality and the experience you are trying to give diners. From the physical feel of the menu to the graphics, text font and pricing, these elements should all be in line with how you want to convey your restaurant to potential and returning customers.

While there is no magic formula that constitutes a successful menu, as certain deigns work well for some establishments and others do not, it is vital that you find your theme and stick to it. Here, we have compiled some helpful tips for a good restaurant menu design.  

Know Your Restaurant’s Personality 

Your menu is an excellent marketing tool for your restaurant. It should mentally and emotionally stay with the customer long after they are done reading it and make them excited to be in your establishment, excited to return and excited to recommend the place.

Ensure it feels nice to touch and clearly states the food and prices that match the personality of your restaurant. Whether your restaurant is a casual, family-friendly place or a sophisticated and up-market establishment, once you know the personality you can design your menu in accordance.

Menu Design Tips 

  • A menu with small, plain text can enhance the impression of elegance or simplicity, while a menu with thick, cursive text with lots of imagery and graphics can emphasise the causal nature of your restaurant
  • Place your best-selling items and dishes you want people to see in the spots where diners’ eyes are drawn to first. For example, the top of the page or the middle
  • Arrange items in columns depending on your restaurant’s personality. One column reflects sophistication and elegance whereas two columns gives the impression of casual dining
  • Highlight signature items in a way that draws attention to them. For example, box off selections and add specific colours, labels, images and logos
  • Naming the dishes and giving a small description helps make the food sound more enticing and offers diner’s assistance in choosing their meal

Find the Best Menu for Your Restaurant

To design a good menu for your restaurant you first need to find a quality cover or single panel book. At Catering Equipment Warehouse we have an extensive range of menus available for you to choose from to suit the personality of your restaurant and the theme you are going for. Shop our selection today.

3rd Aug 2020 Debbie

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