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Why You Should Wear Appropriate Kitchen Footwear

Foot support is essential when you are working in a commercial kitchen. You are most likely standing on your feet for long hours and moving quickly around small areas that are prone to spills. Having correct footwear that is comfortable, sturdy and non-slip can not only save you aches and pains, but also increase your safety and help reduce accidents. 

We have compiled some key reasons as to why you should always wear appropriate kitchen footwear, and the benefits of doing so. 

Avoid Slips and Falls 

Slip and fall accidents can be extremely serious and result in injuries, emergency room visits and even missed days at work for recovery. To help avoid accidents as best you can, invest in a pair of good quality, non-slip shoes. Grease, spilled liquids and even food debris can litter the kitchen floor at any time and create hazards to walk on. As commercial kitchens are typically tight spaces, there is usually little opportunity to avoid the floor hazards, which is why non-slip shoes give you a better chance of staying upright and avoiding injury as you move quickly through the space.

Support Your Joints 

Being a chef and working in a commercial kitchen can be very demanding, as you can spend long hours standing on your feet and walking around. Having appropriate footwear can lessen the burden on your feet, and can offer your knees, neck and back some support and relief. Cooking, bending down, reaching up, carrying heavy plates and more repetitive actions can take a serious toll on your body. Therefore, comfortable, sturdy, lightweight shoes that reduce pressure, can have a positive impact on your overall health.

Increase Staff Safety 

As well as slips and falls, there are more types of accidents that can occur in a busy commercial kitchen. If your restaurant or café has a lot of staff, all moving in the same areas, there are plenty of utensils and equipment around them that can cause havoc. Work-related hazards such as burns, cuts from sharp knives, lacerations from broken cutlery or injury from falling items can happen at any time, so it’s important that you protect yourself from these issues. We all know how gravity works, and the first place a potentially dangerous item will fall is down towards your feet, so keep them protected with footwear that covers the entire foot.

Invest in Appropriate Kitchen Footwear

By now you will have realised the benefits of wearing appropriate kitchen footwear and the extra defence they can offer against a range of hazards. Catering Equipment Warehouse stock good quality kitchen footwear, so please browse our range for something suitable for you to complete your chef’s uniform

23rd Sep 2020 Debbie

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