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Checklist for a Comprehensive Commercial Kitchen

If you are opening a new restaurant or café, without a doubt one of the biggest investments will be the kitchen. Commercial kitchens are a place of creativity, skill and passion, but they also need to be regularly cleaned, safe for staff to be in, and have top-quality appliances to ensure you can give your very best to every dish. To make your life simpler we have compiled a checklist with some of the essential items needed for a comprehensive commercial kitchen. Cooking Equipment As the foundation of any commercial kitchen, it’s important to have good quality cooking equipment that you trust. Be sure to get exactly what you need to fulfill the needs of hungry patrons and provide top quality food.  Oven  Range  Deep fryer  Grill/griddles  Microwave  Coffee brewer  Toaster  Holding equipment  Mixers/blenders/food processors Refrigeration Equipment Providing a place to hold food, equipment and ingredients, refrigeration equipment plays a massive part in keeping a safe and healthy kitchen, while adding convenience to your life. Choose sizes that are suitable to the space available.  Refrigerator  Freezer  Ice machine Storage Equipment Every commercial kitchen needs storage to hold ingredients, tools, supplies and equipment. Figure out what works best for your kitchen space while still allowing room to move.  Shelving  Food Storage containers  Utility carts  Sheet pan racks  Drying racks Tools and Supplies Used to prepare and cook dishes, you will need a range of tools and supplies to get your meals from menu to plate. It’s important to have plenty of small wares in your commercial kitchen so no one has to compete for the same item.  Kitchen knives/spoons  Cutlery/crockery  Cutting boards  Tongs/turners  Pots/pans  Whisks Cleaning Equipment Having a clean and sanitised commercial kitchen is essential to health and safety of all staff and all patrons of your café or restaurant.  Cleaning rags/cloths  Food service chemicals/sanitisers  Rubbish bins/recycling bins  Sponges/scrubbers  Wet floor signs  Broom/dustpan  Mop/bucket  Bathroom supplies Find High Quality Kitchen Equipment Catering Equipment Warehouse stock a wide selection of equipment to stock your commercial kitchen. Browse our range today and find exactly what you need, all in the one place.
30th Jul 2020 Debbie

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