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Overhead Grants for NSW Cafés and Restaurants

In April the NSW government announced that cafés, restaurants and a selection of other small businesses will be eligible for $10,000 cash grants to cover overheads and bills during the COVID-19 crisis. The Berejiklian government has put $750 million into its Small Business Support Fund – its third round of stimulus measures – to help keep small businesses afloat during these trying times. How Does the Grant Work? Similar to the fund set up during the recent NSW bushfires, the scheme is designed to put cash back in the pockets of businesses that have been highly impacted by the pandemic and ensuing health restrictions. If your small business was forced to close due to the banning of social gatherings, has lost substantial revenue, has between one and 19 employees, and a turnover of more than $75,000, you should be eligible to apply for the stimulus package. The aim is to take away some of the burden of trying to figure out when you can open your café or restaurant during these unprecedented times. With little predictability on the timeframe of the virus, the government is determined to provide rapid relief to those struggling and give small businesses a chance not only to survive the pandemic, but recover once this is over. The funding must be used for unavoidable business costs, such as utilities, overheads, legal costs, and financial advice. Applications for the $10,000 cash grant opened in mid-April on Service NSW and will continue until June 1st. Appropriate documentation is required during the application process. Getting Through COVID-19 Along with the NSW government, many other states across Australia have created their own stimulus packages to give assistance to cafés, restaurants and small businesses. If you operate outside of NSW, be sure to check your state government website to see what you may be eligible for. Here at Catering Equipment Warehouse, we understand that these are difficult times, but like everything, they will not last forever. The hospitality industry has been deeply affected by COVID-19, but it will return after this hiatus. Restrictions will eventually ease, and the public will once again fill cafés and restaurants. Until that time, we encourage you to apply for the grant if you are eligible. Should you wish to stock up on supplies in anticipation of re-opening, we have everything you need for your café or restaurant. Browse our selection today.
30th Jul 2020 Debbie

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