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Why the Right Refrigeration is Essential for Businesses Handling Food?

In this one we are tying it to the health and safety of your staff but most importantly your customers who are eating the food you prepare. We are talking about correct refrigeration of meats, etc., keeping track of best before dates, knowing how old stock stored in freezers or fridges is, enough space to store all the cold stock, etc.

Are you a café owner? Or do you have your very own restaurant? Chances are that you need to store your fresh produce in a safe and hygienic condition. This is very important so your food stays fresh all through and you can then produce quality meals for your customers. Having the right café kitchenequipment makes a world of a difference in how your produce is stored.

You can get your catering equipment and café supplies from one convenient place like Catering equipment warehouse. They have a wide range of refrigerators which are suitable to store various items. These include:

  • Glass chiller
  • Combo fridge and freezers
  • Ice cream freezer
  • Sushi display fridges
  • Beverage coolers
  • Beer dispensers
  • Cool rooms
  • Deli display
  • And many more!

Why is refrigeration so important?

Storing food in a refrigerator slows down bacterial growth and therefore food stays fresher for longer as opposed to keeping it outside. As bacteria is found everywhere like the air, soil, water and even in the foods we eat, it can be hard to manage when they multiply and cause illness by spreading onto our fresh produce.

If you are planning to rent catering equipment, a refrigerator or two could be the most important items you would get. They will ensure your produce and other items stay fresh for your customers to make the best use of them. 

20th Nov 2017 Debbie

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