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Why Quality Commercial Kitchen Equipment is the Backbone of Your Business

When you operate a catering business, you need to be able to rely on your equipment. Poor quality kitchen equipment can result in machinery breakdowns, wasted food, and expensive repair bills.

If you plan to operate any type of catering business, you will need a range of good quality commercial equipment from renowned catering equipment suppliers. The kitchen equipment that you use at home will simply not be of the grade that is needed in commercial premises.

As providers of café supplies in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and other areas of Australia we can advise you on,and supply all of the kitchen equipment needed for your business. You will need a variety of equipment which includes:

  • Refrigerators and Freezers Consider the size and type required when choosing your refrigeration. How many seatings to you expect to serve each day?
  • Counter Top Equipment This includes cutting equipment. You will also need quality kitchen benches, shelving, and trolleys.
  • Cooking Equipment You will need quality commercial grade microwaves and ovens. Consider the size of your business, the types of meals you will be preparing and the number of meals that you expect to serve each day.
  • Dishwashing You will need a high grade commercial dishwasher and glass washer to ensure that your crockery, cutlery, glasses and cooking utensils are all sparkling, hygeinically clean.
  • A Quality Coffee Machine Particularly in cafes, a heavy duty coffee machine is essential.
  • Seating Consider how many people you will be serving and the space in your restaurant or café. Think about the design that you have in mind, and your colour scheme.
  • Kitchen sinks Consider the size of your kitchen and the quality required when you order your sink.
  • Safety equipment This includes fire protection equipment and a first aid kit.
  • Smallwares and Condiments This includes cutlery, sandwich press,plates, napkins and more.

You may need other equipment depending on your style of business.

You need to plan your kitchen. What is the size in square meterage of your business. How is your seating arranged? Where will the benchtops and cutting boards be located? Careful planning of your space and catering equipment means that you will have a more workable space once you have your quality equipment installed.

As catering equipment suppliers we have a broad range of quality catering products available and provide prompt delivery and impeccable service. Contact us for more information on our range today. 

8th Mar 2018 Debbie

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