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Top Five Tips on Achieving the Rustic and Distressed Look in Your Cafe

The rustic and distressed look has been a favourite among modern decorators. This look consists of pieces like distressed light fittings, rickety wooden furniture and patterned tablecloths. You could also hire café kitchen equipment to suit your restaurant or café. You can shop online on for various items like cutlery, glassware, table ware and cooking equipment.

If you plan on updating your café’s look to a more rustic one then here are some tips to follow:

  • Choose the right furniture: Rustic looks can be achieved by having the right furniture. have the ideal chairs for this in RFC Low distressed metal stool.
  • Include an oversized chalkboard: A rustic café is not complete without an oversized chalkboard to display all the day’s special meals and deals. They work great as a décor piece as well.
  • Rustic fittings and fixtures are a must: fittings like boxed shelves or an old wardrobe are great additions to your café. Go for wooden furniture in white finishes.
  • Have a feature wall: A feature wall is a great way to add some texture and visual interest.
  • Don’t forget the flooring: Whilst updating an interior space, don’t forget the flooring. An interesting flooring idea is to concrete them. They are great to walk on, easy to clean up and give the café’ a really industrial look.

Apart from other café supplies, it is important to ensure you have the right cooking equipment to work with. You could rent catering equipment from well-known sources like catering as they have the right pieces to ensure your café looks just the way you want it. 

13th Nov 2017 Debbie

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