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Tips to Maintaining Your Commercial Catering Equipment

Equipment used in your commercial kitchen or hospitality business must betakengood care of.This kind of equipment usually withstands continuous or frequent use and without the right care taken, broken equipment can affect productivity, sales and your budget.

To avoid potential problems with your equipment, it is recommended to schedule a regular maintenance program.

List of benefits to scheduling a regular maintenance program:

1.Increased lifespan of the equipment; performance can be maximised;

3.less chance of equipment breakdown or failure. When equipment fails, it is not only disruptive, but also poses operational challenges and effects the cashflow of the business; saved long-term.Having equipment break down or function inefficiently has an impact on productivity, food can potentially spoiland not to mention the cost involved of having to fix these items or replace them; and

5.helps to stop small issues becoming big ones.Bigger issues can become costly and effect business function and profitability.

Some helpful tips to maintaining your commercial catering equipment:

1.Train all employees who use the equipment to ensure they know the best methods, cleaning habits and safety procedures;

2.if you don’t understand certain things involving your equipment, simply refer to the owner’s manual or head online for information such as an e-manual; codes require a high standard of cleanliness in a food environment. Make sure staff clean kitchen equipment and appliances daily;

4.schedule regular appointments for maintenance checks on your equipment; and

5.with most appliances being made of stainless steel, make sure to follow the simple but effective steps to cleaning them properly.

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8th Mar 2018 Debbie

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