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Three Factors to Consider for Cooking Equipment in Your New Cafe or Restaurant.

Are you just stepping into the big competitive world of owing your very own café or restaurant? Confused about how to go about setting it up? Especially about where to get café kitchen equipment? Don’t fret as you can now rent catering equipment from Catering equipment warehouse.

They are an online store with a huge range of catering equipment and café supplies. The online store is home to wide range of products suitable for catering and the hospitality industry but also has products fit for use at home. The products range from kitchen utensils, crockery, cutlery, catering supplies and larger items like ice machines, benchtop equipment and ice machines. This is your one stop shop for all things catering and hospitality related.

If you are planning to buy or opt for cooking equipment rental, these are the three top factors to consider before giving the final nod:

  • Opt for a stove counter top that is ether fitted or free standing so it can be relocated when not in use. This is useful when you suddenly find the need for extra benchtop space.
  • Single equipment life fryers and press toasters on benches. These are smaller and don’t occupy too much space on the bench. Avoid placing large and bulky items on benches as they may cause unnecessary accidents.
  • Food warmers- this is especially useful to keep food that is already cooked warming and ready to serve to the customers.

Its really important that you consider these factors when you decide to go ahead and get some cooking equipment for your café or restaurant. 

13th Nov 2017 Debbie

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