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The Three Crucial Investments in Café Equipment

When starting up a café, there are a number of crucial equipment investments that must be made to ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently. Here are the top 3 we recommend you invest in.

1.Commercial Refrigerator

Cafés in Australia are synonymous with coffee and coffee culture. How many coffees does your café prepare on a daily basis? We’re guessing a lot! With many beverages to prepare, you’ll need to be stocked up with a constant supply of milk and that requires adequate refrigeration. A commercial refrigerator is an ideal solution for all your milk, food and other supplies that need to be kept cool. Check out our range of commercial refrigerators here.

2.A Good Quality Espresso Machine

Real coffee lovers want a good quality espresso when they visit your cafe. It’s something that will keep those customers coming back again and again so it’s important to ensure you invest in a high-quality espresso machine. The mistake many small café owners make is taking the cheap option and purchasing a smaller machine which is more suited for home use, rather than a larger commercial machine. When you have a high demand of customers coming in for their coffee each day, you’ll need a machine that can keep up with demand. Catering Equipment Warehouse has an extensive range of coffee and espresso machines available for purchase and rent.

3.Professional Food Displays

As your café grows and you start to bring in more and more customers, you will want to think about expanding your range of food and snacks. Whether you’re serving sandwiches, pastries, cakes or any other food items, make sure they are stored and displayed professionally. Browse our range of refrigerated and non-refrigerated food displays here.

Contact Catering Equipment Warehouse today for any café equipment purchase or rental enquiries. 

18th Apr 2018 Debbie

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