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The Must Have Café Smallware Supplies for Beverages

When it comes to running a café, it’s important to ensure you have a variety of quality glassware, cups and mugs to serve your beverages.Here are some of our must have smallware supplies for beverages:

Latte Glasses

Latte Glasses come in a variety of sizes and styles.Our 2 largest glass mugs, holding 320ml, are the Kenya Irish and the Ypsilon Tea Glass.These glasses can be matched with either the 220ml Oslo Cappuccino or Ypsilon Coffee Glass. If you prefer more of a classic tumbler, our Picardierange and Provence range offer glasses varying in sizes between 130ml to 310ml.

Coffee Cups and Mugs

When it comes to the classic white coffee cup and matching saucer, our options range from the traditional 250ml CappuccinoCup, Stackable Coffee Cup, Chinese Tea Cup and more. Our coloured cups and saucers are bold and stylish, offering a range of sizes from 90ml to 210ml. Coffee mugscan hold up to 350ml, come in a range of colours and boast shapes such as Tampered and Can.


Espressocups and glasses hold 80-90ml’sof liquid. For glassware, you have the choice of the classic Caffeino, or previously mentioned Picardie and Provence. Regardingceramic espresso cups, the designs match the aforementioned coffee cups in varying colours and come with matching saucers.

Takeaway Cups

Our takeaway cups hold 235ml, come in three colours, have a rolled lip for added strengthand can be ordered in two different quantities.

Additional Glassware

Cafés serve additional beverages such as soft drinks, milkshakes, fresh juices, iced chocolate/coffee/tea, hot tea, water and more. These all needglassware or ceramic cups as well.

Supplying a large range of beverage smallwares designs and sizes ensures our ability to cater to any café or hospitality business. VisitCatering Equipment Warehousefor our extensive range of café beverage supplies, smallwares and hospitality equipment.

8th Mar 2018 Debbie

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