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The Essential Equipment Required for a Start-up Café

  • 1.Coffee Prep

Many people visit their local café for one reason and one reason only: to get their caffeine fix. So, it’s important you have everything you need to prepare quality coffee’s. Necessities include drip coffee machines, coffee presses, quality espresso machines, milk warmers/frothers, industrial coffee grinders and more.

  • 2.Software

Software is an important but often overlooked aspect of running a coffee shop or café. At a minimum you will need a good security system, a POS system, employee management software and payroll/accounting programs to help run your business smoothly.

  • 3.Refrigeration

If you own a café, you will most definitely be dealing wish perishable food that will need to be kept cool. Ensure your perishable goods are kept fresh with industrial/walk in fridges and freezers, insulated containers for cream and milk, refrigerated display cabinets and cold beverage displays.

  • 4.Food Prep

Depending on the type of food you plan on serving, you will need commercial kitchen equipment to ensure food can be prepared and cooked quickly for your diners, such as commercial ovens, stove tops, grills, steamers, sandwich makers and everything else needed to prepare food efficiently.

  • 5.Audio Equipment

This is another piece of equipment people often forget when opening their own café. Your diners don’t want to sit in complete silence, create a warm and inviting atmosphere with ambient music, played over a professional sound system with speakers both inside and outside.

  • 6.Commercial Dishwasher

Purchasing a commercial dishwasher than can keep up with the mammoth task of cleaning all your dirty dishes will save you time, money and water. Installing one is much cheaper and more efficient that hiring someone to hand wash them.

For the best commercial catering equipment in Sydney, feel free to contact us today for more information.

11th Dec 2017 Debbie

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