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The Catering Equipment Required to Manage a Coffee Shop

If you’re running a coffee shop, or a business that produces quality coffee for its customers, having the right equipment is paramount to the quality of product you produce. Here are our top recommendations for coffee shop equipment:

Coffee Grinder

Investing in a good-quality grinder will allow you to grind coffee properly, in large amounts and in short period of time. Customers may also wish to purchase your ground coffee to take home, which adds another revenue stream to the business.

Coffee Brewer

The little coffee machine you use to brew at home is nothing in comparison to the coffee brewer you see in a commercial coffee shop. It’s important to have a high-quality coffee brewer that has the ability to make and store coffee in large amounts.

Espresso Machine

An espresso machine works by forcing hot water through the shots of espresso attached to the machine. Gone are the days of customers seeking a simple cappuccino or latte. Whilst these are still popular drinks;espresso, mocha, macchiato, americano, long black and short black have increased in popularity and will be coffees your customers order.You cannot make these beverages without a proper espresso machine.

Additional Equipment

Once the coffee is ground, a tamp is needed,as that pushes the coffee into place. Demitasse cups or shot glasses are important for holding the shots before they’re poured into the drink andmetal jugs are a necessity for steaming and holding the milk. Lastly, for the customers who wish to have their coffee in shop, be sure to purchase a selection of classy coffee cups, mugs and glasses.

Catering Equipment Warehouse offer a large range with the best brands of catering and hospitality equipment. If you’re looking for quality Espresso Machines, Grinders and any additional supplies required, visit us online or in-store

13th Mar 2018 Debbie

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