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The Catering & Cafe Barista Uniform Essentials

Whether you’re a chef or the owner of a hospitality business, there are several reasons as to why it’s important tohave the right uniform for yourself and your staff, including:

  • 1.Safety;
  • 2.ability for staff to move and function with ease and comfort;
  • 3.professionalism; and
  • 4.improved hygiene.


Catering Equipment Warehouse offer a large range of uniforms for many positions within the catering and hospitality industries. Here are a few essentials we highly recommend:


Aprons are necessary for protectingstaff from spillages and improving overall hygiene. We offer ¼, ¾, bib, cross-back and more.It’s important to colour-coordinate your aprons to your uniform and business brand, which is why we sell a wide variety of colours, styles and patterns.


Birkenstock Clogs, Slipbuster Boots and Slipbuster Safety Shoes,are just some of the shoes in our range.High-quality is assured as well as our shoes being designed with safety and comfortability in mind. Sizes range from a 2-15AU in men’s and 4-17AU in women’s.


Our large range of chef pantsensure those working in the kitchen, through to front of house, are not only comfortable, but maintain a professional look for their role. Options includea Chalk Striped Designer Baggy Pants, Basic Black Chef Pants, Traditional Small Check Pants and more.


Well-tailored uniformsfor women that evoke a comfortable fit with a professional flare, gives our business a point of difference. Our women’s range includes jackets, pants and shirts for all positions and are available in a variety of styles, colours and sizes. 

8th Mar 2018 Debbie

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