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Signs It May Be Time to Upgrade Your Café Coffee Machine

As a café owner, you no doubt understand the importance of providing your loyal customers with good quality coffee. Much of your customer base will consist of both take away coffee drinkers or dine in coffee drinkers; either way, your coffee machine must be able to keep up with demand. Here are the signs to look out for that signal it may be time to upgrade your coffee machine.

  • 1.Unable to Keep Up with Demand

Customers (particularly take away customers) expect a fast and easy coffee service so, if you’re dealing with a constant cue of customers waiting for their order, it may be time to upgrade your coffee machine to one that can keep up with demand.

  • 2.Limescale

Water contains minerals that, overtime, can cause limescale to buildup in your coffee machine. Sometimes you will notice a build up on external parts of the equipment, but it’s the internal parts you cannot see that are the problem. The first signs of limescale signify it may be a good idea to upgrade.

  • 3.Leaking

Your coffee machine is subjected to constant changes in water temperatures which cause the machine to expand and contract. This continuous strain on your machine can result in parts of the machine breaking or cracking. Leaks can cause safety hazards such as electrocution and should not be ignored.

  • 4.Rust

Most coffee machines are made up of stainless steel which is highly resistant to rust, however that doesn’t make the entire machine immune. Rust can still develop due to scratches, dints and cracks, which health inspectors will keep an eye out for.

If you can’t afford to buy a new machine outright, consider renting one from Catering Equipment Warehouse in Sydney. Contact us today for more information!

11th Dec 2017 Debbie

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