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Is Your Cafe Decor Sending the Right Message to Your Customers?

When your customers enter your cafe, they instantly receive visual cues that help them decide whether or not they want to order from you and the kind of ‘vibe’ they get whilst being there. Making a good first impression can be a determining factor to the success or failure of your business.

There isn’t a right or wrong way of decorating your cafe. It all depends on the theme you are going for and the kind of atmosphere you wish to create. Do you want a relaxed, casual atmosphere to create the impression of ‘affordability’? Or are you going for a more formal look to give the impression of ‘quality’? You may want to find a balance between the two; whatever you decide, it’s important to have a clear idea of your direction to avoid a confused or disjointed final appearance.

If you are going for a casual look in your cafe, be careful not to make it too casual. Using second hand furniture or generic garage sale type pieces can indirectly cause your valuable customers to perceive your food and beverages as average, and that’s never something you want. Similarly, making the decor too formal may turn away some customers who wish to feel relaxed and at home while drinking their coffee.

Comfortable chairs, ambient lighting, soft music and of course, friendly staff can all help make your cafe appealing to your customers. Regular coffee drinkers love having a local cafe that they can visit regularly so while getting your decor right is important, using high quality products, top of the line kitchen equipment and well trained staff, will also determine how well your cafe performs.

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20th Sep 2017 Debbie

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