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How the Right Dishwasher Can Benefit Your Commercial Kitchen

Trying to save money by buying a cheap commercial dishwasher or washing dishes by hand can end up costing your business. By selecting a quality dishwasher for your commercial kitchenyou save time and money.

The ideal dishwasher for your business will last between 5-10 years and will result in gleaming, hygienic finishes, and great time management for your kitchen.

The right dishwasher will:

  • Take just one to four minutes to clean your dishes, compared to hours of manual labour
  • Have your dishes come out practically dry
  • Be durable and long lasting
  • Improve the availability of your glasses, cutlery and crockery
  • Give you more kitchen space
  • Sanitise your dishes
  • Make your dishes sparkling and hygienically clean which will give a positive impression to your customers
  • Wash large amounts of glassware or dishes at once
  • Come with a warranty
  • Be good value for money
  • Be easy to use
  • Require little maintenance
  • Meet health and safety regulations
  • Come in a size that is ideal for your business


To decide what size dishwasher you need, estimate how many racks your dishwasher needs to wash during your peak hour. A restaurant will usually produce 35 racks of dishes for every 100 meals. Take into consideration scope for business growth and your dishwasher will last you for many years.

Dishwasher Types

Think about what you will be washing, the door type, whether you need an under counter unit and the temperature that you will be running the dishwasher at when you select it.

At Catering Equipment Warehouse we have a range of glass washers and commercial dishwashers on hand at very affordable prices. We have rent or buy options and deliver our Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney catering items at a time and day that suits you. We also service other areas of Australia. Contact us for more information. 

6th Apr 2018 Debbie

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