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How the Right Cafe Equipment Can Increase Your Staff’s Productivity

As a cafe owner, you always want your staff to be working at their highest possible efficiencyto keep your orders flowing and customers satisfied. There are a number of ways to increase your staffs’ productivity and motivation including regular team meetings, rewards systems, positive reinforcements and in a café setting, the right equipment for your staff to use.

Hiring the right people is the first step. Once you are happy with your team, providing them with tools and equipment to assist them in doing their job is a great way to keep productivity high. This applies to both your kitchen staff and your wait staff.

There are many pieces of kitchen equipment that can help your staff prepare food more quickly such as food processors to cut down chopping time, mixers to save timfryers to cook food more quickly and even things like vegetable cutters to make preparing vegetables more efficient. Having the right equipment for those time-consuming jobs can improve not only your staffs’ motivation in the kitchen, but it also has a roll-on effect to your wait staff and your customers.

You wait staff will benefit from having equipment that helps with delivering food to customers such as banquet carts and plate warmers to help your food stay hot when delivered to customers. Using high quality dish and glass washers will ensure your tables are always presentable with crystal clear glassware and shiny, clean dishes so that your wait staff won’t have to deal with unnecessary complaints.

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20th Sep 2017 Debbie

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