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Steam EP 2 Group - Slayer Coffee Machine.

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Steam EP 2 Group
100.00 KGS

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SLAYER STEAM WITH ITS FULLY STAINLESS AND DYNAMIC BODY AND ITS UNIQUE CONTEMPORARY FIGURE ADDS A PROFESSIONAL TOUCH TO ANY LOCATION. SLAYER STEAMEP, THE ENTRY-LEVEL COMMERCIAL SLAYER, COMPARES FAVORABLY TO MOST ESPRESSO MACHINE MANUFACTURERS’ PREMIER PRODUCTS. THE NEW STEAMEP IS DESIGNED FOR FLUID, SIMPLE OPERATION WHILE FEATURING HIGH-END EXTRACTION CAPABILITY. IT FITS MULTI-UNIT RETAILERS, WHOLESALE COFFEE PROVIDERS AND OTHER EQUIPMENT DEALERS AND DISTRIBUTORS, AND RETAILERS WANTING TO MOVE UP TO THE PREMIUM ESPRESSO MACHINE CLASSIC 9-BAR EXTRACTION WITH PRE-WETTING CONTROL VOLUMETRIC BREWING WITH PROGRAMMABLE PRE-WET FROM 0-4 SECONDS FOUR VOLUME SETTINGS PER GROUP EACH BUTTON CAN BE PROGRAMMED TO HOLD TWO VOLUMETRIC PRESETS, FOUR SETTINGS PER GROUP. INDIVIDUAL BREW TANKS WITH PID TEMPERATURE CONTROL CONSISTENT AND RELIABLE PERFORMANCE, IDEAL FOR HIGH VOLUME BEVERAGE SERVICE PUSH BUTTON ACTUATION FOR FAST PROGRAMMING AND EASY OPERATION CENTRALIZED, HEADS-UP BARISTA DASHBOARD EASY TO OPERATE AND PROGRAM VOLUMETRIC, TEMPERATURE, PRE-WET AND MORE PASSWORD PROTECTION OF DEEPER PROGRAMMING GIVE APPROPRIATE LEVELS OF CONTROL TO BARISTAS UNIQUE DESIGN EVOLVING MILK Slayer Steam is our answer to the unasked, yet crucial, questions about steaming milk. With exclusive technology, baristas take control of steam temperature and flow rate, ultimately improving flavor in the milk beverages ordered by the majority of their customers. UNLOCKED POTENTIAL The Vaporizerâ is a compact super-heater that boosts the temperature of steam and creates a dry, invisible vapor. By simultaneously increasing temperature and decreasing dilution, Slayer Steam promotes full flavor development in all milk varieties. Even low-fat dairy and alternative milks display extraordinary gloss, sweetness, and complexity when used operated as recommended Features and Functionality PID Independent boilers- Dedicated brew boilers and independent PID settings let you set each group to a different temperature for multiple coffees. Superheated Steam- Programmable in-line heaters increase steam temperature even further, giving you dry, easily controllable texturing power. Two-stage Steaming- With two steam vaporizer settings on each wand, you can speed up or slow down milk texturing mid-steam. This extra control makes the Slayer Steam an excellent choice for alternative milks like almond or soy. Auto-volumetric Shots- Speed up your workflow with the Steam's two-stage brew paddle, which lets you program a shot volume for each position. Adjustable Drip Tray- Raise the drip tray up or down to accommodate different cup sizes. Tech Friendly- Sturdy, well-placed components, easily traceable wiring and a dedicated drainage block for boiler maintenance makes the Steam a dream machine for service technicians. Made in the USA- Built and tested by hand in Seattle, Washington.

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