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Scotsman SIS 700 - Storage Ice Shuttle 318 Kg.

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SIS 700
198.00 KGS

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Rent To Buy $130.00 (Including gst per week)

• Suspended, Single door, Ice Storage Bin with Ice Shuttle cart(s), for Cube, Flake, Superflake, Nugget, Cubelet and Scale ice.

• New sleek, contemporary styling. A perfect match to MC, MV, MF, MFN and N Scotsman modular HoReCa, Food Retail and Industrial cube ice machines.

• Stainless steel exterior for both storage and frame.

• Storage compartment is heavy duty.

• Frame can be pre-assembled or shipped as kit. In this case, castered cart is loaded within the ice storage compartment, for reduced freight and storage costs.

• Pre-cut top panel, to accommodate multiple Scotsman icemakers.

• Ice falls from ice machine into storage compartment, with Polyethylene interior, sanitary and easy to clean. It is allowed into the shuttle carts through a guillotine-style dosage system, first in - first out fashion, for assured ice freshness.

• No more ice transferring operations from your storage: ice is gravity-fed into the shuttle cart. And to distribute your ice at the usage point, ice shuttle cart(s) are equipped with easy to use and hygienically proven ice totes (accessory).

• Convenient multi position ice guillotine prevents ice spillage and assists during ice loading operations.

• To accelerate flow during ice extraction, ice paddle (and hanging bracket) are available standard.

• Storage compartment bin door is spring loaded for safe usage and tight seal. Made in durable rotocast plastic, is light yet durable, withstanding typical rough handling of busy working environments.

• Bin door frame is sturdy and ergonomic, accommodating the hinge mechanism of Scotsman state of the art bin door.

• Polyurethane Insulation assures long periods of ice storage, reducing ice melt.

• Sliding polyethylene inspection windows are handy for visual control and initial paddle operation.

• Load resistant, stainless steel adjustable legs, have flanged feet for stability and ease of height adjustment.

• Heavy-duty frame, hosts base with built-in drain for bin and cart. Drain connection is reversible. Shuttle ice cart

• Each SIS Ice Storage and Shuttle System is shipped with it’s own Shuttle cart(s).

• Shuttle carts are wheeled at the usage point, with little effort and maximum ice hygiene.

• Shuttle cart(s) bay is equipped with melting ice water drainage system, easily connected the floor water drain.

• A manual drain activation system is easily operated to properly dispose of drain water while shuttle cart is positioned in its load position.

• Six ice totes (accessory) fit conveniently in the Shuttle cart(s), and may be covered with the shuttle lids for longer storage periods.

• High density, non-corroding Polyethylene Ice Shuttle interior is designed with easy-to- clean rounded corners, and resists scratches and scuffs from ice scoops.

• Ice Shuttle handle-bar is in 304 stainless steel with anti-slip rubber treatment, for ease of steering and durability


• Additional ice Shuttle cart.

• Ice carrying totes (set of 6, one set per cart) (Shuttle holds 50 kg (110 lbs) of ice once totes are used)

• Plastic Shovel.

• Ice Paddle and side-panel bracket (supplied as standard)

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