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Monin Elderflower Syrup

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Monin Elderflower Syrup

Elder trees are common in temperate to subtropical regions of Europe, West Asia and North America, but also grow in parts of Australasia and South America. Many myths exist on the elder tree. The inhabitants of the Isle of Man (UK) planted Elder trees outside the entrance of their home to repel witches. In Russia, an Elder tree in this position was thought to keep away unwanted or evil spirits. In all of Europe, the aromatic Elderflower is very popular in foods and beverages, including herbal tea, cordial, champagne, wine and Sambuca, the Italian liqueur named after "Sambuco" (elder tree), derived from elder berries and flavored with anise. In the United States, Elderflower is relatively uncommon, which makes it an attractive flavoring option for world-class mixologists and gourmet chefs wishing to set themselves apart.
Floral and fruity, Monin Elderflower is great in tea, daiquiris and many other applications such as the Elderflower Gimlet, where the floral notes of Elderflower form a pleasant pairing with gin's juniper berries.

Tasting Notes: Fresh, flora aroma, with a fruity sweet taste featuring notes of grapefruit pulp and peel
Applications: Martinis, gimlets and other gin-based cocktails, teas, lemonades, sodas, sorbets, flavored sparkling wines

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