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Tech Tips - Preventative Maintenance

condenser coil clean

Failing to keep up with preventative maintenance could shorten the life of your customer’s cabinet and cause increased downtime as the cabinet has to work harder to keep the temperature down.

Reminding your customer to maximise the performance of their chillers and freezers by making time to do a little preventative maintenance will benefit them in the long-term. Simple things, like not cleaning the door seals could cause them to not seal correctly and result in increased power consumption. Wiping the door seals down weekly with warm soapy water can stop the seals from tearing.

Always remember to disconnect the cabinet from the power supply before performing any cleaning. Do not hose down any area of a refrigerator. and avoid getting any electrics wet.

Customers should inspect their cabinet weekly and clean as required by:

  • Emptying the product out of the cabinet;
  • Washing both the interior and exterior of the cabinet with warm soapy water. Do not use abrasive cleaners;
  • Washing away the soap residue; and
  • Cleaning the door gaskets with warm soapy water. Do not use a sharp knife to scrape or clean the door gaskets. If the door seal gaskets aren’t sealing, call SKOPE to arrange a replacement.

The majority of service calls are due to dirty condensers. Dirty condensers could lead to an increase in temperature and power consumption and in some cases failure of the compressor and other components.

  • Clean the condenser coil once a month or as conditions demand by using a vacuum or a stiff brush.
  • Clean the condensate tray by wiping out any grime or dust that has accumulated in the tray.
  • Check the condition of the power supply cord.
  • If your cabinet has a factory fitted filter clean as required.
  • Reconnect to the power supply and turn the cabinet on.